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The Star Citizen Guide to the Galaxy is here to help you find your way around this ground-breaking space sim in no time!

If you are considering signing up, take a look here for some useful information and my magic recruitment code for 5000 extra credits when you enlist: STAR-SSJ7-WQVP

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Editor Notes

The whole advert embedding thing Turned out to be a bit of a nuisance and the revenue projection was so bad it made me laugh my lungs out onto the floor ha ha ha ha haaaaaah. Then a friend sent a texty message to say that he has actually made a trickle of money on an Android app he had created a few months ago. He keeps griping about his pathetic income while I’m swinging from a rope in the background out of focus. Sometimes he’s just not so sensitive.

I’d like to say that in response to my call to the community for the location of some caves to write about, they did an amazing job of ignoring me completely. So at the end of a long list of bugs, disconnections and kills from other players I managed to gather a worthless bag of shards to sell. That was deeply crap.

Look no further for unbridled vitriol and passion.

So when Failure to Report started having a go at the CitCon Livestream it made some darkly amusing listening. It seems he has no fear of litigation and its crippling consequences and although it made me cringe quite frequently to listen to him losing it in his soiled bedsit somewhere, it was great to hear someone really let rip online in a way I reserve for the safety of my couch. Plus, I keep the noise down so it doesn’t upset anyone.

He had no such fears though, and stuck the boot in like there was no tomorrow! How good was that! heh heh. He didn’t even say Like & Subscribe etc. which is unheard of on YouTube and would be enough by itself to get him shunned from the entire community.

He did really did go off on one about the number of subs he had vs his competition. Hats off to FTR for making a massive humiliating stink for no gain or purpose… way to go :0) It made great TV as they say. Unsurprisingly I have been unable to locate the video. I wonder what could have happened to that :0) He literally had an absolute frigging meltdown. That was so unfair and so awesome!

Now I have given myself a VR headset I’m hoping that next year I will be able to take the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 out for many long flights. There’s a possibility they might see more of a financial gain to restrict its access to the subscription-based Game-Pass system. I’m sure there’s a lot of money to be made that way if they go for it but I won’t opt for a subscription model it’s just not for me, and that would be sad :0(

Meanwhile, I’ve been developing a site for Infinity: Battlescape. Hardly any visitors to that thing either although the game itself makes a refreshing change from the usual. You can Take a look here.

Featured Contents

Have a Present or Two!

Printable keyboard controls
can be found here

Visit the Essential Keyboard Controls page to pick up

  • A scalable, printable PDF file containing
    • Flight controls
    • Avatar controls
    • Screenshot controls
    • Emotes
    • A VoiceAttack command set reminder
  • A VoiceAttack profile for voice control of Star Citizen
  • A freeware utility to collect screenshots and video.

The Flight Controls

The new controls make it possible to easily control a ship’s motion using just a mouse and keyboard. It’s a well thought out combination. The new keys are covered in the flight control guide, including how to squeeze some extra speed and combat overheating.

A Handy Solo Ship Guide

Solo Ship Guide

If you are flying around on your lonesome, you’ll need the Solo Ship Guide to make the best use of free-fly weekends and test waves.

You can get some instant buds by joining an organisation – find the FAQ here then take a look at the available organisations here. A redacted organisation membership prevents others from knowing which organisation you are in. A Hidden membership hides your organisation from all. To create an organisation, look here.

Recently Edited

Jump Points

Jump Points

Jump Points are the start and end of wormhole passages that connect star systems. The first one connects Stanton and Pyro.
star citizen's creator chris roberts

The Star Citizen Media Circus

Star Citizen is a dazzling media circus with a Frankenstein's monster of a game staggering around in the background.
Area 18 transit shuttle

Area 18 on ArcCorp

Until now you could go to ArcCorp and see a big starry nothing. All that is going to change - we are about to get Area 18 in full Technicolor!
Levski on Delamar

Levski on Delamar

From Hab Unit to Fleet Management Consoles Levski, Delamar This is one of the easiest locations to start
Grim Hex at Yela

Grim Hex at Yela

Grim Hex (derived from Green Imperial Housing Exchange) is a facility built into a large rock in the ring system around Yela, a moon of Crusader.
Cave Mining

Cave Mining

FPS cave mining provides the motivation to visit beautiful landscapes and appreciate the modelling and soundscapes.of their subterranean worlds.
Lorville on Hurston

Lorville on Hurston

The transit system for Lorville. The position of Leavsden Station and Teasa Spaceport should be exchanged to correctly
landing lines surrounding a pad

Flight, Refuel & Repair

Here are the considerations and how-tos for takeoff, flight and auto landing. The revised control model is great for mouse and keyboard.
microtech - featured image


Planned for Q4, 2019 the design, creation, and implementation of the frozen planet microTech including points of interest around the planet