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The Star Citizen Guide to the Galaxy is here to help you find your way around. If you are considering signing up, take a look here. Use my magic recruitment code for 5000 extra credits when you enlist: STAR-SSJ7-WQVP. Remember to nominate a descendant for your access code.

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A Suggestion for CIG

With the first complete solar system in place after 8 years of development, now would be a good time to consolidate the Stanton system and release the game. Additional systems should be developed as modules disconnected by wormholes. If not this, then what? They are talking about finishing the rest of the game first. That could take a few billion years.


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The Stanton Solar System

The Stanton solar system including the planets, moons, cities and outposts.

The Stanton solar system including the planets, moons, cities and outposts

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I’ve replaced the article rating with the plain old contact form. I would value corrections, enhancements, additional information, and suggestions.

Release 3.9

It’s been a frustrating release for me. Partly my own fault due to pushing memory to overclock too far, partly due to getting disconnected from the servers.

I have started to map New Babbage but it will take a while. I’ve made a note to check the locations of mission givers. What else would be useful to include on the maps? Let me know here.

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Have a Present or Two!

Printable keyboard controls
can be found here

Visit the Essential Keyboard Controls page to pick up

  • A scalable, printable PDF file containing
    • Flight controls
    • Avatar controls
    • Screenshot controls
    • Emotes
    • A VoiceAttack command set reminder
  • A VoiceAttack profile for voice control of Star Citizen
  • A freeware utility to collect screenshots and video.

The Flight Controls

The new controls make it possible to easily control a ship’s motion using just a mouse and keyboard. It’s a well thought out combination. The new keys are covered in the flight control guide, including how to squeeze some extra speed and combat overheating.

A Handy Solo Ship Guide

Solo Ship Guide

If you are flying around on your lonesome, you’ll need the Solo Ship Guide to make the best use of free-fly weekends and test waves.

You can get some instant buds by joining an organisation – find the FAQ here then take a look at the available organisations here. A redacted organisation membership prevents others from knowing which organisation you are in. A Hidden membership hides your organisation from all. To create an organisation, look here.

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Jump Points

Jump Points

Jump Points are the start and end of wormhole passages that connect star systems. The first one connects Stanton and Pyro.