Bugs, Telemetry & Road Map

The Road Map

The road map is the place where the intended development route is publically pinned to the wall. Like the weather forecast, the further ahead you look the more uncertain the plan becomes. Everyone knows this except for managers.

If you have a particular favourite thing to look forward to other than when it will be finished, there’s a chance you might find it here.


So-called because data is being streamed about your computer to the Star Citizen servers daily to assess the hardware the community are using.

The vertical axis is the CPU score, the horizontal axis is the GPU score. Within that grid, the cells are colour coded according to frame-rate. A green tinge denotes 60+ frames per second.

Run your cursor over the grid to get a read-out of the averages for that location. If you sign in while using that page, you can see where your rig sits in the matrix (refer to the outline shown in the screenshot, left of centre).

>> Click Here << to go to the Telemetry page

The telemetry page, log on to see how your PC stacks up to the others
The telemetry page, log on to see how your PC stacks up to the others

Bugs & Possible Solutions

  • Unable to find Flight Ready
    • Get into the pilot seat, not the copilot seat
    • Ensure the ship’s power is off since Flight Ready can probably only be reached from a cold start
    • If you look around the cockpit, Flight Ready might subsequently be added to a cockpit menu
    • You might be able to find a cockpit button that does the job
    • Get out of the seat and then back in again (necessary if you choose copilot seat)
    • If all else fails, get another ship
  • Unable to get into a ship
    • Try deleting your USER folder
    • If all else fails, get another ship
  • File decompression error
    • Your files haven’t been updated correctly. Delete data.p4k at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE\Data.p4k and download the game again
    • To continue uninterrupted, move the warning dialogue offscreen and ignore it. Pressing OK will terminate your game
  • Can’t Get Past the Loading Screen
    • Refer to Prevent Potential Game Crashes

Prevent Potential Game Crashes

When I first fired up the game it used to crash at startup, and although I knew it was a memory problem I assumed there was something wrong with that Star Citizen patch. The real reason for the error was actually because the page file on my machine was fixed at a low value. It’s worth checking yours…

Set your page file allocation
to System Managed Size!

A page file is a part of your disk used to store information that can’t be held in the available RAM all at once. To check the page file allocation on Windows 10:

  • Open Control Panel by typing into the taskbar search box
  • Set the Control Panel view to Category
  • Click on System and Security
  • Click on System
  • Click on Advanced System Settings
  • Ensure the Advanced tab is selected
  • In the Performance group box click on Settings
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • In the Virtual Memory group box click on Change…
  • Take a screenshot of your current settings and keep them safe!
  • When you have safely recorded the current state then…
  • Either select System Managed Size or else choose a suitable custom range

Graphical Errors

RSI support have compiled a list of graphical errors and their solutions here.

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