Considering Buying?

Here is an orientation guide to becoming a Star Citizen as well as a few things you will want to be acquainted with before you commit.

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Starter pack selection for $45
starter ships

Try a Free Fly Weekend

Every now and then you will get the chance to try out several ships in the game on a Free Fly Weekend. You can create an account for nothing and if you already have an account you can try out the promoted ships which will be available to you automatically.

The best way to find the Free Fly event web page is via the menu of The menu has a PLAY NOW button on it that takes you to a page where you would normally buy a game package. Instead, click on Visit the Free Fly Event.

Sign up or log into the page, Select and copy the Free Fly code from the web page (for example GETINTOTHEVERSE) and apply the code. Newcomers will then download an executable and install the game while existing account holders can run the RSI Launcher immediately.

More of a Community than a Game

After many discussions I have realised that there is one thing that might help make sense of the way Star Citizen is evolving. The main difference between this and other development processes is that the whole thing has grown into a community event. In other words, the development process, the community and the social events that go with it seem to be a large part of what players are buying into, rather than an organised march to a focussed endpoint.

Consider These Pros & Cons

There are reasons you might be unhappy with the Star Citizen. If none of the Cons worries you unduly, you’re probably ok to spend some money on what’s available today. You can always buy or replace assets later so there’s no need to go in with more than the minimum amount of money to start with.


  • The realism of some of the landscapes is amazing.
  • If you are going to buy it in the future anyway, you don’t have to wait until its finished.
  • There’s some fun to be had with it in its current state.
  • You can get discounted prices if you’re not in a hurry.
  • You can find out a lot about the game on the Star Citizen YouTube Channel without buying.
  • You can try out the game for free on the occasional Free-Fly weekends.
  • A shambolic failing demo by Chris Roberts is reassuringly honest and open. Only someone with the utmost confidence in where they are going would let this fiasco stay public!


  • There are plenty of bugs.
  • Development started in 2012 and a working game mechanic hasn’t been established yet.
  • The programmed game-play is almost non-existent.
  • They have no incentive to complete the game since its earning millions right now.
  • There is no legal reason that the game has to be finished.
  • The small print means you have no chance of getting the money back.
  • They have normalised the act of paying multiple hundreds of dollars for ships.

If You Are About to Buy…

If you understand that the game has been a wreck-in-progress since 2012, that you won’t get a refund and you still want to gain access to the Persistent Universe then you’ll need to buy a game package that includes a starship with prices ranging from $54 to $330 (click here). 

Quote my referral code to get an extra 5000 UEC to spend

Your in-game name cannot be changed easily so it’s worth thinking about that ahead of time. You’ll be stuck with it for years potentially, and later on, that could become significant. You can pay to change your name if you need to, but personally, I would find that rather irritating.

There are a lot of great looking (and expensive) ships you can buy for Star Citizen, but you should be able to get them all in time by playing the game and earning UEC cash. I suggest you don’t pay any more than you need to, you can always buy later when you have had a chance to evaluate the game.

Once you have bought a game package you can download an installer which creates Star Citizen in 45GB of disk space.

Get Squadron 42 at a Discounted Price

You can find the first-person shooter Squadron-42 pledge at the same address as the starter ships but this is a different game arena set in the same universe. You may be offered a discount for the two of them – I bought Squadron-42 for half price that way.

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