From Leavsden to Teasa Spaceport

A view towards Teasa Spaceport
Leavsden viewing platform

Make your way to the Metro

You are standing at the viewing platform at Leavsden. Turn left and go up the staircase then bear left again. After a few 10s of meters go down 2 flights of stairs to the metro centre and find a sign showing perimeter, spaceport and industry train lines.

Follow the thick yellow band marking floor around a bend – the next sign indicates left to the Teasa Spaceport platform.

a map of Lorville on Hurston
Lorville, spaceport and transit system – click to enlarge.

Take the Train to Teasa Spacestation

The time to next train is shown above the protective door bordering the train tracks. Climb aboard when the train arrives and find a decent spot to look out of the window during the ride.

A screenshot of the Teasa Spaceport station at Lorville
The Teasa Spaceport station on Hurston

Locate the Ship Retrieval Consoles

Exit the train a the Teasa Spaceport station. Find the only available exit and follow the corridor all the way to the ship retrieval consoles lined up opposite the M50 Interceptor on display.

A screenshot of the ship recall consoles at Teasa Spaceport on Hurston
The ship recall consoles at Teasa Spaceport are on the left, opposite the M50 Interceptor

Retrieve Your Ship

Walk up to one of the screens and press F+mouse to interact with it. Select your ship, press the Retrieve button to summon it and then wait for instructions. It will tell you what landing pad to go to.

The ship recall console tells you what hanger to go to
The ship recall console tells you what hanger/landing pad to go to

If Your Ship Isn’t Available

If you lost your ship in a game crash you can use insurance to get a new one: press the Claim button and then Pay Expedited Fee to cut the wait time down to the minimum. You can’t do anything else until the waiting time expires. If the ship doesn’t show up, log out and in again, and that will fix it. The ship you get will be a new one from the factory, so it won’t retain any customisations you may have made.

At the end of the claim sequence, you will have to press the retrieve button to deliver it to the landing pad.

Go to the Hanger Via an Elevator

The Teasa Spaceport overhead signs directing crew to the hanger elevators.
The overhead signs directing crew to the hanger elevators.

Once you have been informed what hanger number you have been assigned, turn around 180° to see the direction of the elevators you need. Interact with the elevator controls using Mouse+F to call the elevator and to send it to the assigned hanger.

Board Your Ship

Enter the pilot seat
Enter the pilot seat using F+Mouse

Approach your ship and use F+Mouse to highlight the entrance and enter the ship. 

If you don’t know how the ships are constructed, getting inside can be a problem. The places to check, depending on the size and shape of the ship are:

  • The rear may have a drop-down ramp
  • The side might have a wide door in the middle or behind the cockpit
  • There may be a hatch underneath (stand clear)
  • The cockpit may have a ladder on the left from the pilot’s point of view

Enter the ship. Find the pilot’s chair and use F+Mouse to enter.

Note: Some control functions are reserved for the pilot, so if you are flying solo, don’t use the co-pilots seat.

From the cockpit use F+Mouse to select Flight Ready. The power comes on and engines are engaged.

Open the Hangar Doors

The Lorville Landing Services must open the roof of the hanger for lift-off.
The Lorville Landing Services must open the roof of the hanger for lift-off.

Open the mobiGlass F1, then select the Comms symbol on the far left. In the comms display locate the Lorville Landing services in the Contacts list, then click on the connection icon to ask the Landing Services to open the roof of the hanger.

Lift Off

When the hangar doors have opened, centre the mouse in your screen to keep the lift-off vertical.

Use either Freelook Z to look upward or external view F4 to get a wider field of view to check the hanger roof is open. Press the Space Bar to achieve lift-off and continue on to a good height above the spaceport to get clear of the no-fly zones that are over parts of the city.

Raise your landing gear N.

star citizen - out of the hanger and over Lorville
A view over Lorville after taking off from Teasa Spaceport.

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