From Leavsden to the Business District

This is a description of the route from outside the Leavsden hab units to the Business District via the Central Line rail connection.

a map of Lorville on Hurston
Lorville, spaceport and transit system – click to enlarge.

The Route to Leavsden Station

Starting from the Leavsden viewing platform outside the habitation units, the exit is a corridor leading to the Metro and Leavsden Stations. Go through the corridor to a T junction and there are two routes you can use.

A view towards Teasa Spaceport
Leavsden viewing platform

Primary Route

The primary route leads to the left past the staircase leading to the Metro. Instead, bear right and go forward to the steps descending Leavsdon Square where you will see a painted sign on the floor.

Secondary Route

Instead of turning left toward the Metro, turn right into the smaller unmarked corridor. Follow it until it opens out onto a larger walkway and on the left is a painted floor sign, on your right is the way to the station.

The Floor Sign

Both of the above routes meet just outside the entrance to Leavsden Square. On the floor is a painted sign pointing showing the way to Leavsden Station, Leavsdon Square, the Metro Centre and the habitation units.

a painted floor sign leading to Leavsdon Station
a painted floor sign

Follow the sign forward, turn left down the staircase and then straight on as confirmed by an overhead sign. Make your way across the bridge towards the Central Line.

the path to Leavsdon Station
Straight ahead and across a bridge

Go forward past guards towards the large viewing window. To the left is a set of stairs leading to the Central Line platform. Go onto the platform and check the arrival times of both trains to see which platform has the better option.

The entrance to the Central Line
The entrance to the Central Line

The train has no intermediate stops before reaching the business district. Like the others, the carriages go forward and backwards along the tracks, shuttling between the two endpoints.

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