Javelin Wreck on Daymar

It’s actually quite a large and interesting site to visit. I arrived before dawn and had a full day to explore the area. On a different day, I had spent a few frustrating hours looking for the Javelin and left empty-handed even though the map included a lot of measurements. This time the search was a easier. It just needs a little patience and some methodical accuracy.

The Map

I used a map created by player G-Wave. His map used one orbital marker and two surface reference points to complete the description. It was night time on Daymar, but once I had manouvered to the correct offsets I could spot the Javelin from an altitude of 2000m in a minute or two.

A map of the Javelin wreck
A map showing the Javelin wreck site on Daymar (derived from G-Wave’s map).

Before leaving I revised the map reference measurements by a fraction of a kilometer from an altitude of 500m.

Javelin wreckage, Daymar
The Javelin wreck on Daymar

Orbital Markers

I don’t know if the orbital markers (OM) are intended to stay geosynchronous but they are at the moment and wouldn’t be much use if they weren’t. You should be able to use OM-3 to start, as the original map author and I did. There was a time separation of 50 days between our two visits but OM-3 was still the right choice.

If you have any problems with OM-3, simply pick a different marker that is closer to the two ground references. Once you are oriented correctly with respect to the ground references it doesn’t matter so much which orbital marker you start from. You do need to ensure your starting point on the surface is on the correct side of the centre-line between the two surface markers.


  • Go to Daymar
  • Go to OM-3
  • Rotate your view of Daymar so that Dunlow Ridge is at the top and Arc Corp is at the bottom.
  • Pick a point on Daymar’s surface to the left of centreline between Dunlow Ridge and Arc Corp. If in doubt, aim for further than you think you need. Its a lot easier to make adjustments as you come back because the surface markers will be in front of you.
  • Adjust your ships offset from the reference points exactly.
  • Go to an altitude of about 1000 meters to spot the Javelin.