Javelin Wreck on Daymar

It’s actually quite a large and interesting site to visit. I arrived before dawn and had a full day to explore the area. On a different day, I had spent a few frustrating hours looking for the Javelin and left empty-handed even though the map included a lot of measurements. This time the search was a easier. It just needs a little patience and some methodical accuracy.

The Map

I used a map created by player G-Wave. His map used one orbital marker and two surface reference points to complete the description. It was night time on Daymar, but once I had manouvered to the correct offsets I could spot the Javelin from an altitude of 2000m in a minute or two.

A map of the Javelin wreck
A map showing the Javelin wreck site on Daymar (derived from G-Wave’s map).

Before leaving I revised the map reference measurements by a fraction of a kilometre from an altitude of 500m.

Javelin wreckage, Daymar
The Javelin wreck on Daymar

Orbital Markers

Orbital markers are geosynchronous and you should start at OM-3. You do need to ensure your starting point on the surface is on the correct side of the centre-line between the two surface markers.


  • Go to Daymar
  • Go to OM-3
  • Rotate your view of Daymar so that Dunlow Ridge is at the top and Arc Corp is at the bottom.
  • Pick a point on Daymar’s surface to the left of centreline between Dunlow Ridge and Arc Corp. If in doubt, aim for further than you think you need. Its a lot easier to make adjustments as you come back because the surface markers will be in front of you.
  • Adjust your ships offset from the reference points exactly.
  • Go to an altitude of about 1000 meters to spot the Javelin.


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