Microtech’s New Babbage has a landmark building that everyone wants to fly through. This is where some of the apartments will be in future.

Microtech supports Girl Power

Port Tressler

Port Tressler lower concourse

Port Tressler EZ Habs

Port Tressler EZ habs stack
Port Tressler EZ Habs approach

Microtechs Biomes

The landscape has very organic shapes and colours that are incredibly photogenic. When global illumination path tracing becomes standard, these landscapes will become ultra-real.

Concept Art

microtech - featured image
Microtech concept artwork by Ken Fairclough
microtech - surface biology
Microtech surface
From summer to winter
microtech - terraforming accident - v01
Terraforming accident
Microtech - new babbage domes
New Babbage domes
microtech - south arboretum
South arboretum
microtech - headquarters of microtech
Headquarters of Microtech
microtech - tech and organics combine
Tech and organics combine
microtech - engineered botanicals - v01
Engineered botanicals
New Babbage garage facility
microtech - new babbage
New Babbage


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