Port Olisar, Crusader

Port Olisar is a space station in orbit around Crusader. This is where the majority of existing players have started from at one time or another.

From Hab Unit to Fleet Management Console

Press H to get out of bed. If the image below is what you are seeing, you are at Port Olisar.

The habitat you see after getting out of bed at Port Olisar
Port Olisar, Crusader
  • Press W to approach the door.
  • Rotate the mouse wheel forward to increase the walking speed.
  • Press F+Mouse  to enable interaction with the door.
  • Once you exit the hab unit and you will be in a corridor of Deck 3.
  • Go to either end of the corridor to locate a staircase down to deck 1.
  • The closed-door with panel lights above it leads to the control room and it will open as you approach.
  • The ship retrieval monitors are on the circular desk in the centre of the room.
The ship-retrieval consoles at Port Olisar
The ship-retrieval consoles at Port Olisar

Common Tasks

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