Release Waves & Evocati

As a player, you are probably interested to know how soon each release will be available. For a large scale release that might be dropping behind schedule, the public release date might become the start of the testing phase. The first layer of tester is a group called the Evocati.

release waves
There are a defined set of release waves starting with a team called the Evocati

Here are the release waves:

Evocati (800 invites): Our smallest group of testers who help us get our releases ready for a proper public viewing more quickly! Picked from Issue Council posters with multiple submissions or contributions and from our most active PTU testers.

Wave One (6,000 invites): Approximately 1,000 accounts from participating on Issue Council with one New Report and one Contribution, plus 5,000 accounts who have played more than five PTU builds in the last three months.

Wave Two (12,000 additional invites, 18,000 total): 12,000 accounts who have played three to five PTUbuilds in the last three months.

Wave Three (16,000 additional invites, 34,000 total): 16,000 accounts who have played two PTU builds.

Wave Four (80,000 additional invites, 114,000 total): 80,000 accounts who have played one PTU build in the last three months.

Wave Five: Open to all.

Since we’ve started this process, we’ve only used the Wave One PTU Testers. Should there be a situation where more players are needed for a stress test, we’ll invite additional Waves.

Who are the Evocati?

Sometimes referred to comedically as Avocados, these are a band of people who get the earliest access. They are dedicated fans and content creators who are providing benefit to RSI’s aims as volunteers. The functional role of the Evocati could be viewed negatively as an unpaid QA team and the task necessarily requires focus topics to follow.

In theory, the Evocati are selected based on the quality of their bug reports.

Dedicated fans might want to join in for the interest and kudos of being at the front of the queue as well as the possibility to influence game details via feedback in bug reports early on.

Content creators will want to join in order to be able to source exclusive content reports.

Like any other business, CIG would probably welcome those who are providing the most benefit and resist those who are potentially disruptive.

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