Screenshot Competition

I actually had to make this attempt several times over a number of days since there were issues with getting a mission, getting a container store that worked properly, retrieving a destroyed ship each time, getting into position Lorville in daylight and then figuring out how the distorted 3D perspective worked from above so I could drop at the correct location.

An entry for the Happy Holidays screenshot competition
Screenshot competition use Twitter to submit entries but Twitter has multiple filters that exclude a lot of people as well as me. Aaaarrgghh it took me soooo long to get this screenshot set up.

One time, after getting all of the conditions right I decided to look at the mobiGlass. The avatar then released the gift box which tumbled out of site somewhere. Doh!

Finally, I got the result I was looking for and set up my entry on Twitter. To verify that all was well, I tried looking for the results on a different Twitter account – but it didn’t show up at all. It literally wasn’t in the competition and I couldn’t make it show up no matter what I did to the Twitter settings or anything else.

That’s a frustrating result. I think a rather large percentage of entries must have been lost that way because Twitter routinely excludes a lot of tweets from its search results. I had no idea how many would be affected until I started trying to verify my entry.

At the time I figured that somewhere between 40-60% of the entries wouldn’t appear in a Twitter search as described by the competition rules, simply because most normal Twitter users aren’t regarded as significant enough to be gathered by the search algorithm.

Initially Not So Good

I don’t like to waste my time, and I was genuinely trying to win. When I made my entry, I knew the odds would be low, but I didn’t know they were ZERO because of the Twitter filters!

I added my comments to the hundreds already on the forum then sent a direct Twitter message to the Director of Player Relations. I also sent out a twitter message carrying handles for Gardiner, Roberts and DiscoLando so that in theory it should show up in their lists, but its hard to say what Twitter chooses to do. It’s good at pretending to share messages, so its hard to have any faith in it at all.

All routes seemed to be of no avail and the issue seemed to have gone unacknowledged.

Good Result

However, the good news is that the next screenshot competition was held on the Spectrum forum, so maybe someone inside CIG does see the problem after all.

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