Security Post Kareah at Cellin

Although Kareah used to be an unmarked Location, you can now find it in the mobiGlass navigation screen in orbit around Cellin, a moon of Crusader.

The Location of the Landing Pads

To locate the landing pads first find the biggest ring, then move a little towards the centre of the station to the smaller ring right beside it. One more step to the centre of about the same length you will see some bulkheads wrapped around the hull.

As shown in the screenshot, the landing pads are edge-on and the landing surfaces are facing upward to the inner ring. Approach the marked area slowly and they will become clear

Here is a marked up screenshot showing the location of the landing pads. This is me flaunting an Esperia Glaive during testing. In effect, Star Citizen are pimping out their rides to convert me into a User.

Land at Kareah

You don’t have to ask for a landing pad over the comms link. Approach the pads with your landing gear down and one of them will display a landing grid for you. If you are trying to clear your Crime Stat, it’s probably better to follow the any landing directions you are given to ensure that the Crime Stat console works correctly later on. I had to visit the station several times in order to interact with the console, usually it failed to respond.

When you get inside the station you will find three levels surrounding a central space containing consoles. One of them is the Crime Stat console.

Looking down on the consoles from level 2

Meet the Security Guard

The first time I visited was simply to take a look around. I eventually stumbled upon an AI character who shot me after thinking about it for a long while. I found out later that he is there to provide a bit of NPC shooting action. Some people use him for target practice, so if you are intent on killing him, his slow response time means you’ll have plenty of time to fumble around with your keys etc. I still managed to get shot right after this screenshot.

Security decided to shoot me after a fairly long interval

Clear Your Crime Stat

Sometime after my first visit, I acquired a Crime Stat rating by accident. I knew that I had a rating because outposts on Hurston with automatic gun placements open fire on me when I approach. It’s also listed on the home page of your mobiGlass.

Your security clearance can be hacked from this console in the centre of Kareah station.

I don’t know what I did wrong but it’s a nuisance so I went to Kareah to find out how to clear it. For reasons unknown, I was unable to log in. After a few more visits on different days, I was suddenly able to log in, but I have no idea what had changed.

This is what the console looks like when your Crime Stat is being erased.

When you log in, all you will have to do is wait until your crimes are erased as shown by a rotating onscreen graphic, and this could take several minutes. I managed to clear my security status although it’s not made clear when that’s over, and had to check my Crime Stat in the mobiGlas to confirm all was well.

Look Out for Hostiles

During the multiple failed visits I had made to Kareah to clear my crime stat, I wondered if I was supposed to kill the NPC security guard in order to unlock the console. After some scenic posing in the corridors with a pistol, I came back to find a couple of human players with machine guns near the console I needed.

Looking for security guards

While I was figuring out what to do about that, he and his buddy filled me full of lead for a good 10 seconds.

“What we have here is a failure to communicate”

– Cool Hand Luke

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