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From this page, you can click on a picture of the Hab Unit you woke up in and jump to the appropriate guide for that location.


Check for Updates

Once you have installed the game, run the game launcher and sign in to Star Citizen. There are 3 ways to check you have the latest version:

  1. Wait for the launcher to check for updates.
  2. Open the Patch Notes tab and check the version and build.
  3. Verify your installation from the launcher Settings tab.

Reset the Game State

If you do an update, delete the USER folder in the Live or PTU folder at:

“C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\”

PTU stands for the Public Test Universe, which will be available if you have joined the PTU to try out a new game build before its general release.

What to Do if it Crashes

If the game crashes during its loading sequence, change your page file system settings as described in ‘Prevent Potential Game Crashes’.

Click to Go to Starting Locations

Click on the appropriate image to find a map and guide to your ship.

New Babbage, microTech

New Babbage, microTech

Area 18, ArcCorp

Area 18, ArcCorp


Waking up at Lorville on Hurston
Lorville, Hurston

Port Olisar

The habitat you see after getting out of bed at Port Olisar
Port Olisar, Crusader

Grim Hex

Grim Hex, Yela


Starting at Levski, Delamar
Levski, Delamar

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