Starting at Lorville, Hurston

Lorville is a company town created by Hurston Dynamics whose corporate tower dominates the city. There is a train ride between the hab unit and the hangers.

The hab unit is located at Leavsden from where you can travel to Teasa Spaceport, the Hurston Dynamics Business Centre and the perimeter gates. This guide will get you out of the hab unit and leave you at the Leavsden viewing platform where you will choose another page in the guide to get to your chosen destination.

Note: the following video goes to Teasa Spaceport and its hangers.

On Waking

  • Get out of bed Y
  • Approach the exit door W marked by a striped panel near the handle.
  • Rotate the mouse wheel to change speed.
  • Use Mouse+F to interact with the door lock to open it.

Note: There are two floors in this part of the building. If you are not already on the upper floor, go up one level.

  • Find the elevator in the centre of the end wall.
  • Summon it using Mouse+F
  • When inside select Ground Floor using Mouse+F.
  • Exit the lift and follow the corridor out into the open. From here you can see the Teasa Spaceport sign and part of the Hurston Dynamics building.
A view towards Teasa Spaceport
Leavsden viewing platform

Choose Your Destination

Looking inward from the edge of the Leavsden viewing platform you will see a corridor leading to a metro and a railway station for your onward journey.

a map of Lorville on Hurston
Lorville, spaceport and transit system – click to enlarge.

Choose a link below to continue your journey to the business district or Teasa spaceport. In order to get to the perimeter gates, use the map to find the metro bearing right using the overhead signs.

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