The Central Business District

The Central Business District is located in the imposing H shaped Hurston Dynamics building that can be seen from high altitude over Lorville. The main hall is flanked by the stock exchange on the left and the HD Showcase on the right.

You can get to the Central Business District by train, either from Leavsden station or from Teasa Spaceport.

a map of Lorville on Hurston
Lorville, spaceport and transit system – click to enlarge.

At the far end of the main hall is a private office with a mission giver – a member of the Hurston family.

The Central Business District
The Central Business District

Clockwise from top left: 1. A train leaving for Leavsden at night, passing by office blocks on its way. 2. The entrance to the great hall dominated by a giant statue. 3. The Hurston Dynamics Showcase hall containing exhibits of engines and vehicles. 4. The stock exchange upper and lower floors.

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